Bitter comedy Pepa is about hoping that everything will come out once. And the clash of this hope with reality.

Pepa is an average Czech guy who seemingly does not go out of line. From the moment he left school, he remains in one job. He has one wife, one daughter and one mantra who gives him hope: He believes he will live a real, filled and satisfied life once.

The life story of Pepa is beginning to be seen when his parents are introduced. Gradually with Pepa we are experiencing the pre-school years and the separation of his parents, we go through his primary and secondary schools and the first shy attempts in the field of relations with girls, we witness Pepa's unsuccessful working career and similarly unsuccessful marriage and family life.

As Pepa gradually grows up and ages, the political and social situation around him changes. But one remains the same: Pepa is lonely in the middle of other people. Throughout their life they try to do everything right; so that others like him - but with the exception of a few moments in this quest, they are always up and running.

As Pepa's optimism fades with age, His belief in a better future gradually changes into resignation, and Pepa's life becomes just a sequence of routine experiences. It seems that the last joy that Pepa is left with are the cigarettes and the innocent nightingale of the seemingly happy married couple from the neighborhood.

Then, an unexpected impulse comes to Pepa's life. Pep's lost optimism regains strength again, and Pepa once again, for the last time, lets go on a journey of happiness. Because this time it must go!